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man showing woman a product

4 reasons brands should use outsourced agile teams to sell more

It goes without saying that we live in fast paced times. The need for brands to be flexible and adapt to change at pace is really something that separates the winners and losers. Of course, the thing that is central to this is great people and people management. It’s not just the requirement to have the correct people in the right place at the best time which leads to great sales, but also the ability to have teams that are well informed and flexible enough to respond to market demand.

Mark Fraser,
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man and woman in store shaking hands

The changing face of sales agencies

The environment that sales agencies operate in has been changing for several years, driven by an unstable economy, cost pressure abound in brands, fast developing technology, and a consumer landscape that has shifted in terms of where people shop, what they want to buy and what they expect from the experience. 2020 has changed and accelerated all of that again, turning it on its head, so what is the role of agencies and what should they be doing to help brands?

Gordon Neil,
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Three reasons brands can’t afford not to have D2C ambassadors in retail

Did you know that in most stores, not all the staff you see work for the retailer? Many will work for the brand themselves, either directly or indirectly through an agency. In many sectors, in particular health and beauty, premium retail and technology, this is a great way for brands to support stores and deliver the experience the consumer seeks, all while selling more in the process.

Linzi McGuire,
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two women in clothing store looking at laptop

Help retail staff sell more by increasing their product knowledge

Knowledge is important when it comes to driving sales. Brands that invest in training retail staff on their category, products and services are equipping them with an extra tool they can use to covert consumers into buyers. This is not just something that’s important with considered purchases and big ticket items; if staff are shown how to establish consumer need, demonstrate a product correctly, or how to bring the consumer along on the sales journey then you’re guaranteed to see an uplift in sales.

Mark Fraser,
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