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As part of the Avidity Group, Thumbprint houses all of our digital and data products and innovation – and has done since 2018. We collaborate with Thumbprint, using products and services that are designed with one purpose: to help you sell more. Together, we enable you to be more efficient with your time and investment.

Data and Digital products

Digital & data products that unlock your sales potential

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The future of our industry lies in turning information into action, and being able to influence customers more efficiently – that’s why Thumbprint exists.

When it comes to data analytics, the team’s expertise at the point of purchase means we’re well placed to ensure our products focus on action and ROI. These products are created in collaboration with expert partners in data provision and analytic, helping you connect with and direct the people who make the difference at the point of purchase – with the best analytics in user-friendly platforms.

Thumbprint has redefined the playbook on how to influence customers to achieve this digitally. For you, that means influencing more customers, more often, more efficiently.

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EPOS analytics in multiple retail

Our EPOS analytics product, DART, was built to help release the hidden value in your EPOS data. It does this by pooling all the data available to you in retailer systems, then uses smart algorithms to identify opportunities and predict what's going to happen next. This is all packaged in action led, user experience focused platforms for both head office and field users. 

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EPOS analytics in convenience

Thumbprint provides analytics on the largest and most granular set of data available in the convenience industry, with over 10,000 EPOS terminals across over 5,000 stores. Their Pinpoint analytics platform is delivered in partnership with In Touch Group and Retail Spotlight. Pinpoint pools data from multiple POS houses into one location. This data is accessible via a webapp, providing analytics, and enabling rapid identification of opportunities to sell more and drive your brand strategy. 

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Retail Engagement New

Digital retail engagement

Our partnership with PayPoint puts your brand in the hands of more than 20,000 convenience retailers in one east app. MyStore+ provides easy access and real time communication between brand and retailer – with brands able to directly influence retailers by offering advice, offers and rewards, at any time. MyStore+ is a brand's efficient tool to directly improve in-store sales and execution.

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