Conquer Convenience step 3: How to increase consumer purchase

17 January 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

This week, we return with step 3 of our Convenience eco-system. When we think about retail success, consumer engagement (and sales) is at the top of our list. Win over your consumers and the rest will fall into place. In theory it sounds simple but capturing your consumers attention is only half the battle. In reality, it’s a two-step process – get them engaged, then get them to purchase. This is particularly important in the Convenience sector which is new ground for many brands today. As buying behaviour continues to shift more towards this sector, it’s time to consider new ways of reaching your consumers. Read on to discover step 3, where we’re embracing digital engagement & vouchering to drive sales.

Consumer puerchase blurb

The secret to digital engagement

In addition to a physical presence, there is now a way to engage your Convenience consumers online. We can help you reach millions of consumers through digital vouchers that can be redeemed in over 60,000 stores.

Our partnership with PayPoint allows us to offer brands a way to measurably connect with and place a call to action directly into the hands of your consumer.

“PayPoint’s unique access and relationship with the convenience sector is a great platform for putting a call to action directly into the hands of millions of consumers, in a targeted, controllable, and creative way.  Our partnership with McCurrach enables holistic campaigns in which the consumer, and the retailer, can be activated and tracked, with results and impacts that are easily measured and quantified.” - Anthony Sappor, Head of Retail Proposition & Partnerships, Paypoint

This type of consumer engagement is not only convenient but it’s completely controllable. Simply put, it’s a cost-effective way of engaging thousands of consumers, and by extension, engaging the retailers that may be involved in driving awareness and supporting redemptions.

Voucher campaigns are simple are consist of three components: Who, What & How. Let’s take each step in turn…

Who are my target consumers?

Your target audience is completely down to you – tailor your target consumers to suit what aligns best with your brand strategy. Campaigns can target a mix of nationwide or region specific areas and can be tailored to focus on store, fascia agnostic or specific retail groups. You can aim these at a general capture all consumer audience or hone in on specific demographics instead. Target a million consumers or limit to just a thousand – the options are endless!

Whatever your target consumer and profile, digital voucher campaigns can be tailored to target the right consumers and controlled to stay within budget. They can be deployed in an expansive Convenience network of over 17,000 multiples, symbols and unaffiliated stores across the country.

What can I achieve through voucher promotions and objectives?

At the end of the day, we want to help you retain customers and maximise your sales in Convenience. Brands can tackle a variety of key objectives with the use of digital vouchers which can be broken down into:

  • product purchase: money off incentives for consumers that encourage purchase,
  • sampling: product giveaways that drive consumer participation and trial and,
  • interaction and gamification: creative campaigns such as digital scratch cards that deliver exciting brand interaction and experiences.

Utilising these promotional tools will give your brand more opportunities to engage consumers and encourage purchase.

How can voucher distribution and redemption help my brand sell more?

The use of voucher distribution and redemption unlocks further possibilities to gain reach with consumers and get your products noticed. These consumer engagement activities can ultimately encourage consumers to complete the sale.

  1. Access and awareness: Brands drive awareness:
    Consumer awareness and access to digital vouchers is driven by brands, utilising the various channels at their disposal which includes online, in-store, on-pack and outdoor. PayPoint’s voucher solution is compatible with whichever engagement channel your brand chooses to use.

  2. Voucher delivery: PayPoint delivers vouchers:
    Dependent on the consumer engagement channel, vouchers are typically delivered to consumer’s mobile phone via SMS, email or brand App. PayPoint integrates with these channels to create and make unique voucher codes available in line with your campaign’s parameters.

  3. Redemption: PayPoint redeems & settles:
    Voucher redemption takes place when a retailer scans the relevant voucher into the PayPoint system. Redemptions are secure and configured to prevent overuse or out-of-date usage. PayPoint settles the value of the voucher to the retailer within 7 days.

Future opportunities for brands in Convenience

The pandemic has certainly accelerated consumer behaviour in this sector and almost two years later, the demand is still there. For many, the need for Convenience shopping has become part of everyday life. Although market trends and product demand may differ, brands need to ensure they are innovative with their approach to keep consumers and drive purchases going forward.

Jonathon Short, our Account Manager for Pernod Ricard, has experience in the Convenience sector pre, during and post pandemic. He gives an insight in to the opportunities for consumer purchase.

“Convenience stores have gone from primarily being used as a place for consumer to do their top-up shop to offering a wider range of products and services to support a bigger shop. The biggest changes I’ve seen are around range and availability. High basket spend remains with consumers picking up more products now than pre pandemic levels. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep these consumers engaged going forward. The opportunity for consumer offers and digital couponing will help drive footfall into store to help retailers retain the sales growth they have seen over the last 18 months. “

Get in touch to engage more consumers in Convenience. Discover how our teams can help you achieve a winning digital engagement strategy and secure more sales in this sector.