Conquer Convenience step 2: How to deliver winning in-store execution

10 January 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

It’s no secret that execution in Convenience relies on two things – retailer relationships and the power of influence. Over the past few years, the Convenience market has changed. The way retailers behave in this channel behave has evolved, and as a result so has our approach. Today, it’s time to put the Convenience sector at the forefront and drive awareness for your brand. Keep reading to discover step 2 in our convenience ecosystem which helps you to create long-lasting relationships with retailers and deliver winning in-store execution every time.

in store execution image
Secure a winning field team for your brand


When it comes to teams, we know that a mix of models is the best way to achieve success. It’s all about securing the right people for the job and as market trends shift it’s essential that you’re equipped for this - after all, it’s people that are the driving force behind your brand and products.

Your field teams are built in line with your strategy to ensure that you get the biggest return on your investment. For us, the winning solution is the ability to offer a combination of skilled permanent teams and agile blitz teams. Your permanent team is there to satisfy your year-round requirements, whilst your agile blitz teams are there to support with seasonal or activation campaigns during peak periods. As the Convenience market continues to develop, this allows you to ramp up execution as you see fit and consider key campaigns during peak seasonal shifts. We hand pick both permanent and agile teams for your brand and ensure they have the product knowledge and experience to deliver results. The outcome? – your products are prime position to maximise sales and achieve the ultimate in-store execution.


Harness the power of influence

If you’re new to the sector, achieving influential status in stores may seem daunting.

However, thanks to our digital application MyStore+, you have the right tools to start the process. Through app technology, we’ve made it easier to assert your place in Convenience and really make an impact on retailers in-store remotely.


How does MyStore+ help you deliver execution?


The app, delivered in partnership with PayPoint, enables you to directly influence thousands of Convenience retailers remotely. Convenience retailers download and access the simple app in order to help them grow their business. It allows them to access advice, offers and rewards from multiple brands, while enabling brands like yours to directly influence thousands of UK Convenience stores, remotely, 24/7. This is valuable to brands because the output is better execution by ensuring retailers stock the right products, influenced through rewards and advice for new stockists or to drive loyalty.


Maintaining relationships for long-term success


Now that you have the right team in place and are beginning to achieve influence, what’s next? It’s important to look ahead and think of the long-term goal. You’ve found your feet in Convenience but how do you stay there? Maintaining positive retailer relationships will allow your brand to thrive and make sure your products are the focal point. The secret to success is an omni-approach, combining both an online and in-store execution strategy. Strong execution in store will always be key. However, the ability to influence online through MyStore+ will help you leverage even more awareness for you brand. Get the balance right and see the results for yourself!

If you’d like to take your in-store execution to the next level, get in touch for a 1:1 chat. Our Convenience experts are ready to deliver growth for your brand in this exciting sector.