Conquer Convenience in 4 simple steps

4 January 2022
Author: Kirsty Whyte

As we enter 2022, we are focussing on the world of Convenience for the next four weeks. Since the pandemic began, this sector has experienced substantial growth and is showing no signs of slowing down. Tighter restrictions during the first lockdown sparked a necessity for shopping local, with brands adopting new strategies to cater for this. For most, 2021 was a triumph as they executed new opportunities in this growing Convenience sector. However, some brands are yet to make an impact as they just haven’t found the right formula for success.



New Year, New strategy?

Throughout January, we’ll help you nail your strategy with our winning solution - our Convenience ecosystem which is unlike anything else available to brands from a field marketing agency. We’ll provide you with a breakdown of the 4 key areas when it comes to conquering the convenience channel: Strategy & store targeting, In-store execution, Consumer purchase and Measure success. Follow these 4 easy steps and achieve the results you’ve been looking for in the Convenience sector.

What is the Convenience ecosystem?

Our Convenience ecosystem is designed to help you build a step-by-step strategy to win in the channel, and help you sell more across UK symbol and independent stores. We’ve designed it so that you can pick an individual step you’re struggling with and focus just on that, or as a one-stop ongoing cycle where each stage allows your brand to learn more than ever before and improve on actions for better results over time. You can strategize future actions in the channel, confident in the knowledge that your decisions are based on the biggest set of accurate data and insight to ever have existed in the UK Convenience market. 

eco system



Where to start?

Take a smart approach to selling, combining execution, agile resource and data to position yourself in the best possible place. Paired together, our field marketing and data solutions in the Convenience sector offer the perfect combination to achieve maximum results. 

Follow our campaign on our website and LinkedIn over the next four weeks to unlock the necessary steps you need to conquer the Convenience channel and make your mark in 2022. We start on 5th January where we’ll dive deep into strategy and store targeting.

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Whether you’re looking for more information on how to take your brand to the next level, or if you want to know if your Convenience strategy is geared towards success this year, get in touch.