4 ways to sell more during H2 of 2020 that every brand should know

5 October 2020
Author: Linzi McGuire

When it comes to selling more for your brand, there’s no one size fits all approach. It’s important that your strategy is a working plan and not something that is filed into a drawer to be checked at the end of the year or quarter. After all, time is money so getting it right is a full-time job. Here are the four key areas you need to consider to hit the numbers on your plan this year:

1. Makes sure your Sales & Execution teams give your brand the competitive edge at the point of purchase:

It’s a dog eat dog world. To make sure your products are available, visible, and front of mind for consumers, you need to be able to understand and influence the point of purchase better than anyone else. That means you need be in the right place at the right time, all the time. A team with a healthy mix of face to face, on the phone and digital engagement resource is your best bet. And don’t forget to constantly evaluate your mix – what works during peak season doesn’t work during the rest of the year. Make sure you’re ready for the rush and can scale your operation up and down when you most need it, whether that’s with tactical activation teams in outlet, adapting your call file to unlock opportunities in new geographies, or scaling up your digital presence to influence your customers when it best suits them.

2. Training & Advocacy programmes to ensure your customers sell more for your brand when you can't be there to do it yourself:

It’s not possible to be everywhere at once, but what if you could recruit an army of advocates who would do your job for you? That’s what we mean by training and advocacy programmes. Outlets are staffed with people who, with a little education, friendly competition and product sampling, can become your most valuable assets. Make sure you engage this population how they like to be engaged with a blend of face to face, online and group events, and soon they’ll be promoting your brand over the competition to everyone they meet. Timing is key here as you need to ensure your brand army are well equipped with knowledge and confidence to sell well ahead of peak season.

3. Brand insight to understand how your customers and end consumers see and feel about your brand at any time

It’s easy to get a blinkered view of how your brand is perceived or whether it’s even seen in the marketplace. Data capture on a local or national level can provide you with valuable insight that helps course correct your approach in almost real time. Brand insight services including crowd, mystery shop and digital audits, and can be really powerful, whether you use them for a one-off campaign or on an ongoing basis.

4. Consumer engagement to convert browsers into buyers, wherever they meet your product

Turn consumers into buyers through a blend of conversation, engagement and education. 2020 has been the year of upheaval for consumers, but some things never change and we’re all still shopping. Discover where is best to meet them using a blend of online and digital and make sure you’re engaging them on the most personal level to help them through their purchasing decision, whether they’re treating themselves or looking for a gift. This level of service is always important but it’s particularly effective when used around busy periods or NPD launches.

Unsure where to start? Talk to the experts!

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Our strategic and collaborative approach means that your success is our success. We’ll implement a bespoke strategy that will deliver the most value and ROI for you. Data and insight will sit at the heart of that strategy, to ensure that decisions can be made with confidence and at pace, and every action is value adding. Agility is crucial as we know how quickly things can change so we’ll do everything we can to make sure your brand is poised to respond to opportunities, and of course we use expert and engaged people to get the job done. Passion and energy is something that burns in every one of our colleagues, so when you work with us you can expect the highest levels of service.

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