Why digital engagement is the future of considered purchasing

19 June 2020

Digital engagement is key to transforming the future of sectors where consumers seek advice or go through a consideration phase before purchase

Covid-19 has seen 12 weeks of non-essential retail closed. This environment has previously helped consumers in their consideration phase or enabled them to seek advice before making their purchase decision, and we know that consumers will behave differently now that physical retail has started to reopen, not retuning fully to old habits. We also know that more consumers will look to get the advice they need from the safety of their own home, with all consumers increasing in participation and confidence in use of technology. We project that physical retail will remain a showroom, but brands need to be ready to deliver consumer experiences and advice direct to the consumer in their home; so how do they do that?

Firstly, in an ideal world, consumers will be seeking to replicate the in-store experience at home. In other words, seeking expert product advice based on their needs, product demos and aftercare. It’s the personal experience that really matters, yes, they’ll still do their own research, read reviews and ask the opinions of friends and family, but we know the ideal experience includes getting the advice of a product expert to make sure they’re making the right purchase.

Brands need to win consumers' hearts and minds in this new world

To capture that for all consumers, brands need to consider a more direct approach, drawing consumers into their online store. Most brands in categories where purchases are considered or advised will already have an online store, but it’s often an overlooked or functional space rather than a place for consumers to truly engage and receive advice.

The solution to this lies in brands offering a personal connection via video rather than the often used chatbot or chat function. Imagine being able to offer your consumers a video call direct from your digital channels, with an expert who can understand their needs, give them advice, demo products, take them direct to purchase or offer them aftercare advice, all with the consumer sitting in the comfort of their own home. Imagine also, that every interaction creates a wealth of data that enables you to hone your attraction methods, your interactions and your technique.

Envisioning a new future for digital engagement and considered purchasing

At McCurrach, we’re announcing a partnership today with Go Instore, the leading provider of video-powered retail for consumers. Go Instore will provide all the technical capability to integrate with brands digital channels, deliver virtual experiences for consumers and collect the data required to hone strategy and performance. At McCurrach, we’ll provide the brand and experience experts to engage consumers and sell more. Together, this is a powerful combination for any brand, enabling them to draw consumers in through their digital channels, offering them the immersive experience that will ensure they reach a purchase decision.

Gordon Neil, McCurrach Strategy and Marketing Director commented, ‘Our partnership with Go Instore enables us to offer brands a key solution they need to succeed in the new world of retail. It’s long been said that retail is changing, Covid-19 has ensured that retail has already changed forever, and brands need to accelerate the evolution they’ve been considering. I’m really excited to be partnering with the team at Go Instore; we have a shared set of values and purpose to help brands sell more.’

Lindsay Hey, McCurrach Technology Director, added ‘At McCurrach, we were the pioneer for delivering virtual experiences for consumers using Go Instore’s technology. We’ve always been successful when we’ve worked together, and I’m delighted to be formally partnering with Go Instore to deliver virtual experiences for consumers across more brands and sectors. This will play a big part of the future in technology retail, as well as other sectors.’

Jeremy Dodd, Global Business Development at Go Instore, said of the partnership, ‘We may be a tech company, but Go Instore is most definitely powered by people. By partnering with McCurrach, we’re empowering the next generation of brand ambassadors and retail employees to deliver brand experiences for customers online. More than ever, we’re forced to revaluate the role of retail, and Go Instore are excited to be on the cutting edge.’

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