Why buy data and digital products from a Sales and Marketing agency?

12 October 2020
Author: Gordon Neil

Selling more for your brand can be significantly accelerated by data and digital products, if you can win the hearts and minds of users by putting the right product in their hands. But how do you make sure you’re using the right products and where do you get them from?

Sales and Marketing Agencies may not seem like the obvious start point, but we’re here to tell you that they are, that’s why we created our own digital and data brand, Thumbprint.

We asked our Head of Thumbprint, Gordon Neil, to explain the purpose of Thumbprint and how brands can be confident that buying data and digital products from a Sales and Marketing Agency is the right answer. Here’s what he had to say…

Thumbprint has a singular purpose: we offer technology that unlocks a brand’s sales potential. The right product in the hands of the user either directly influences the sale or enables it to happen.


Our products encourage more action to be taken

With a product focused on the moment of truth, the user experience needs to point them to act, and fast. We start every piece of product design with real life user stories. No one sits in an office designing our products. The user is the only person that matters. It’s them we want to take action, so we work with users to build their story and build the product to exactly those specs.

Our convenience retail app, MyStore+ demonstrates this. We worked with retailers to build a user experience that made it easy for them to engage, make more effective use of their precious time, and to give them the information and instruction they need in a simple and fast way.


We build products that save users time, and they love to engage with

People want to act. The products they use in their role must help them do that, so they must seamlessly integrate into their role. Any time spent analysing data or navigating the product is a lost sale. Our products instantly give direction by making it easy to understand where to act and inform the user what action they need to take to sell more. This makes the user more efficient, spending more time on the actions that sell more.  

We bring the best in the industry to the table, through partnerships to build our products

For example, we partnered with Retail Insight, a global leading analytics business to build DART. We worked with Pocketapp, a leading retail app designer to build MyStore+. And more recently we collaborated with In Touch to access the largest EPOS database in the convenience industry. We also partner with tech businesses to combine propositions. For instance, we joined forces with leading video powered retail business GoInstore to combine technology and people to engage consumers shopping online. 

Our products are here to help to sell more, do you want to know more about how they stack up for your business? We’d love to talk to you. We have some brilliant test and learn packages available if you need a proof of concept.

Why buy data and digital products from a Sales and Marketing agency?

We know everything starts and ends with where consumers can buy your product, whether that’s a shelf in-store or online. Building technology that starts at the shelf just makes sense when you think about it.

A good example of that is our EPOS analytics product, DART. We started with execution of an individual product in an individual store in mind because at the end of the day, that’s what matters if that product is going to be sold. This means that whatever role you’re in, from National Accounts, to Supply Chain, to Sales Rep, everything you get from DART will drive you to take actions that influence the execution in a store, enabling more consumers to find, see and buy your brand.

Contact us to find out more and stay tuned to our LinkedIn page this week to find out more about some of our products.


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