We're proud of our people #beproud

30 June 2021
Author: Kirsty Whyte

This month we celebrated Pride, an important event surrounding diversity and inclusion - something that we continue to strive for at McCurrach. It’s wonderful people that are behind the meaning of Pride and it’s our wonderful people that are at the heart of our business; therefore, it felt fitting to mark the occasion.


Pride Month Activities

We are fortunate to have several incredible colleague run taskforces including our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) taskforce who took the lead on all Pride activities. Ahead of June, our McCurrach logo was given a revamp to honour the rainbow stripes significant to Pride which could be seen across all branding throughout the month. Our D&I taskforce reminded us that there’s more to Pride than just bright colours and made a stellar effort to educate colleagues on the origins and importance of it through a series of internal events and activities.


Colleague Takeover Campaign

June also marked the beginning of our colleague takeover campaign, where we shared experiences from our people across the business. Using the hashtag #beproud that we started in in 2020, we encouraged colleagues to use this when sharing their stories on their Linkedin posts. Collectively, they shared what they love most about working at McCurrach, allowed us to walk a day in their shoes and showcased key successes within their teams. We also, got an insight in to the impact of the pandemic, from new ways of working in the field to working from home and how many of our colleagues have embraced this to achieve the optimum work life balance. The contribution from our colleagues has been outstanding and has resulted in one of our most memorable campaigns to date.


What have we learned?

Although Pride month is coming to an end, the message remains and we have learned key takeaways to bring forward with us in our work and home lives. In addition to learning valuable lessons, we have also learned more about our own colleagues and can end this month grateful for what we have achieved individually and together. Our people are truly the heartbeat of our business and we couldn’t be more proud of them.


We have enjoyed reading and sharing all of our colleague takeover posts and would like to thank the following colleagues who took part:

Molly Thomson, Ashley Devlin, Stephen Lennox, Dan Hutchinson, Reinhard Joseph, Angela Gallagher, Alex Russell, Frances Shanagher, Alicia Smith, Arlene Mitchell, Jamil Bheepathee, Charli Warriner, Paul Roberts, John Pinnick, Loren McKirdy and Will Wilkinson.

Special mention to our D&I taskforce, thank you for your efforts throughout Pride Month:

 Reinhard Joseph, Alicia Smith, Jamil Bheepathee, Ashley Devlin, Greg Nichols, Steph Sloan, Mohammed Islam, Elle Kazmi, Eve Robertson, Karen Hynes and Louise McCormack.

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