Thumbprint announces launch of the largest ever EPOS analytics platform of its kind in Convenience Retail

13 July 2021
Author: Linzi McGuire

Pinpoint: The only tool in the market that enables brands to access data and analytics at transaction level for the largest set of symbol and independent EPOS data available.

Thumbprint, part of Avidity Group, launch their brand new convenience analytics platform, Pinpoint today. The first of its kind, Pinpoint is built in partnership with In Touch Group and Retail Spotlight, and pools data from multiple POS houses into one location. This data is accessible via a webapp, providing analytics, and enabling rapid identification of opportunities to sell more and drive brand strategy.

Pinpoint provides analytics on the largest and most granular set of EPOS data available in the convenience industry – over 10,000 EPOS terminals in the UK across more than 5,000 stores, and soon to be more than 7,000 stores. 

On the partnership, Gordon Neil, Thumbprint Managing Director commented  

We’re excited to be bringing Pinpoint to brands, not only because it enables them to access data and analytics for the largest set of symbol and independent EPOS data available in the market, but because it’s transaction level data. No one else has this level of granularity available. Enabling brands to understand their performance, category, and basket level purchases, transforms their ability to set strategy and direction in convenience. We’re delighted to be partnering with In Touch (I-TG) and Retail Spotlight to deliver a real game changer for brands within the rapidly growing convenience sector”. 

Gerry Hooper, Managing Director at I-TG (In-Touch) And Peter Marriott, Director at Retail Spotlight added, 

This partnership has enabled us to create a very powerful and transformational data and insights platform. It is hugely rewarding to bring together transaction level data across the convenience sector into a form that is both timely and transparent, to give brands far greater visibility of what is happening for them, their categories, and their competitors. We are excited about creating a unique and unrivalled analytics tool in Pinpoint, that will enable ourselves and Thumbprint to work closely with brands and deliver real time, granular basket and transaction data, not aggregated, but the whole story!” 

The Pinpoint platform can be used at both head office and store level:  

Head office teams use Pinpoint to set their strategy and define where the biggest growth opportunities exist. They can understand distribution, rate of sale, price, market share and what else is in the consumers basket by retailer, by geography, by day, and by time of day.  

Pinpoint analytics can also be used to inform field sales strategy and direct teams towards specific actions. The depth of data enables brands to define the right scale, call file and strategy for their field sales teams.  

Thumbprint’s ability to source and analyse EPOS data in the convenience market, through Pinpoint, brings light to a sector that has long remained dark for brands. To understand more about what opportunities Pinpoint could open up for your brand, contact us.