Technology and electronics week: How can brands benefit from working with agency partners and how do they choose the right one?

3 September 2020
Author: Linzi McGuire

Closing our discussion with Client Director, Lindsay Hey, we look today what exactly what agencies should do with agency partners and how they select the right partner for the future.

In the past 2 days you’ve talked to us about how we identify the challenges, the consistencies and what brands need to do to sell more in both B2C and B2B channels, but how do they do it? Do you have any tips on how they engage the right partners to help them create and deliver the right strategy?

Lindsay starts, “If your goal is to sell more then I’d be telling you to look for a partner who has experience across different sectors, who has a reputation for blending people, data and technology to create tailored solutions, who is known for their thinking in addition to their action, and who is agile enough to quickly adapt and reset to fit changes in environment or strategy, or proactively flex between channels or activities when the strategy or data tells them to.

At McCurrach, whichever channel is your focus, we can help you sell more, and we’re focused on 3 areas to do this:

  • Multi-sector: We’re experts in both retail and commercial sectors, enabling us to adapt to your business needs and demands
  • Breadth of service proposition: We’ll help you find the perfect blend of execution, staff training and advocacy, and direct consumer engagement, whether online or in bricks and mortar locations. We deliver blended learning and advocacy programs, insight capture, sales, active selling, and consumer experiences, enabling us to create a tailored service to fit your strategy.
  • Agile teams: We ensure our people have a breadth of expertise that’s unrivalled. This means they can pivot quickly from physical to digital and from B2B to Consumer channels, ensuring you get the most from your resource at all times.”

Join us in the next few days as we look at stories from our people and case studies on how we’ve won with brands in the technology and electronics sector.

If what we’ve talked about resonates for your brand and you’d like to talk more about how you can revolutionise the approach to success in both Consumer and B2B channels to sell more, talk to us.

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For more information on Lindsay Hey, Client Account Director, specialising in the Technology sector, visit her LinkedIn page.


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