Looking at the future of retail through the lens of the retailer

20 July 2020
Author: Gordon Neil

In our second week looking at how retail can succeed in the current and future environment, we look this week through the lens of retailers.

Following on from our look at what consumers want last week, retailers need to respond to that and predict what consumers will want going forward, the days of retailers setting the trend for consumers have diminished.

Thriving is possible, but the lines between thriving and surviving is closer than ever before with many retailers in a precarious position pre-covid trying to move fast to keep afloat. Closures on the high street and an increase in vacant store fronts are undoubtedly going to rise, this week we look at some ways retailers can minimise that and thrive. The keys are attracting consumers, engaging them and driving loyalty. Find out what five areas are going to be most critical from our Strategy and Marketing Director Gordon Neil, in the video below.

Join us by following our LinkedIn page over the rest of the week as we look at these topics and more. We hope you’ll look forward to, and get value from, our opinions and insight 


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