Is outsourcing your resource the answer to unlocking success through agility?

29 June 2020
Author: Linzi McGuire

At a time where all businesses are looking to unlock efficiencies and restructure to set themselves for the future, outsourcing may be the answer many companies seek…

Outsourcing is sometimes perceived as a dirty word. It’s a bit taboo in some teams or industries, yet it’s totally accepted in others. Why is that?

It’s true that very few like change, but change is inevitable, and one thing that looks to become more common as we exit this pandemic is a shift from permanent FTE roles or direct hires, to companies seeking flexibility and expertise from agencies, to provide a service on a rolling or flexible contracted basis.

In the last week of our series on agility, we’ll explore outsourcing resource. What are the benefits of this, you ask? We’ve outlined 4 below:

Flexibility of scale and resource:

Outsourcing your teams affords you the flexibility to change your mind in line with performance, evolve with the market, or try new things, and fast. This could include anything from testing for a few weeks, to recruiting and training a full-scale team of hundreds of people in mere weeks, when you could never have done this so effectively and efficiently in-house. Outsourcing also enables you to ramp up the numbers in your team to unlock value in the busy periods, while scaling back outside of peak, whether that’s for a day, a week or months, because agencies have, or can move fast to get, skilled resource that can be deployed ‘on demand’.

Save time:

An agency will train, performance manage and handle the personnel side of things for you, so you concentrate on your core business and what you do best. And if your strategy changes, they can respond faster than you would be able to inhouse, because their specialty is finding the perfect candidate, recruiting nationally or internationally at scale, with speed, and getting these teams up and running as quickly as possible, equipped with all the skill, knowledge and tools they need to smash your KPIs.

Learn through partnership:

Outsourcing to an agency gives you an opportunity for expert counsel. It’s a great way to test your strategy with experts in their field, to seek some consultation on the best way to reach your goals. Outsourcing agencies are more than just recruitment agencies; they’re experts in their field and know their industries and other partners inside out. They’ve lived and tested every version of your proposed team structure already, so the level of insight they can apply to your model to get the most efficient and effective structure for your needs is often invaluable.

Better financial control:

Outsourcing your teams means that all the people costs lie with the agency, which can give your business better control of your direct fixed costs, moving outsourced costs to your overhead. This gives companies greater flexibility over budgets and the ability to recruit or be staffed to hit objectives, even when there are financial limitations in place.

Throughout this week we’ll look at the outsourcing success stories and some industries that may require a shake-up post-Covid and may benefit from outsourcing teams as part of current strategy and beyond.

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