Is agile is the new normal for all businesses?

3 June 2020
Author: Linzi McGuire

It’s clear that Covid-19 has changed the way we work, shop and spend our free time forever. The goalposts have shifted on what both society and consumers expect as standard, as we all adapt to new guidance on how to live our lives and the environments, we live in.

Adopting an agile approach, whether that’s in the technology we use, or how we employ people and expertise could accelerate efficiency whilst making us more effective. So, how does business succeed in a world where agile is the new normal?

Over the next 4 weeks we’ll explore 4 topics centred around the theme of Agility:

1. Actionable insight

Data is worth more than gold, it enables everything and it’s the key to efficiency and effectiveness, or is it? In actual fact, the real value is in the insight and actions it can generate. Without the insight the data is useless, so how can businesses win in this space? Finding solutions that can crack the codes in your data, identify actions and help your team to address issues in a time efficient manner is where businesses will win. Here we’ll look at processes, products and best practise for some of the biggest names in the industry and how this can be adopted by newcomers and established businesses alike.

2. Digital connectivity

It’s no secret that adoption of technology to enable digital connectivity is the future. If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us it’s that life goes on regardless – so, how do you make sure you’re not left behind when it comes to engagement and relationship building, especially when it becomes a challenge to do this face to face? Suppliers, colleagues, customers and consumers need to feel involved to achieve their buy-in. Digital connectivity is the future of how brands connect with their audience in the new world. This applies whether your business operates in the B2B or B2C space, so we’ll cover both.

3. Resource agility

Having great people is vitally important to the success of any business. but is there a way to get great people, wherever and whenever you need them without overspending? Agile staffing models might be the answer, satisfying both your needs and those of your workforce, who crave flexibility and options when it comes to working patterns, times, and environment. Is the agile workforce the future of work and how best do you source it?

4. Outsourcing

Lastly, we’ll explore how businesses can tap into specialism outside of their area of expertise, where and when it’s most required, through outsourcing and partnership models. We live in a world of innovation through collaboration, so it makes sense that outsourcing is a win-win for all involved, regardless of how common it is currently in your sector or industry.

Gordon Neil, Strategy & Marketing Director comments, “It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention and that’s what Covid-19 is creating for agility. In a world that’s changed overnight and will never be the same again, businesses are being forced to evolve faster than they ever have before. That means either quickly adopting or figuring out ways to get the insight they need to drive their decision making, digitally connect or have a more agile workforce. In sectors and functions that businesses have long held a belief that directly employing people is the answer, there’s going to be a change, as the realisation sets in that outsourcing can provide the answers and agility that are required to thrive.” 

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