Increase your product visibility with Tactical Activation to sell more this Festive Period

16 September 2020
Author: Mark Fraser

We’ve all been caught in the Christmas rush. Some of us do our best to prepare in advance as much as possible, but even the best laid plans can be scuppered. Make sure your brand isn't the one left behind this festive season...

In our last article we discussed some of the ins and outs of stock availability and why it is important you start to make plans to ensure that stock is available in outlet when peak season rolls round. However, ensuring that the product you need is available is only part of the story when it comes to peak season.

Crucially, it must be merchandised correctly to help consumers find your products easily. At a time when all brands are competing for their place in the Christmas shop basket, visibility is key. If shoppers can’t find your products, then they’ll surely choose a well-placed competitor instead. Particularly when the seasonal rush is in full swing and purchasing decisions are often made on a whim.

Don’t just rely on store staff to take care of your product visibility

The demands of the store, especially in peak periods, mean that sometimes it can be difficult to juggle making sure every brand and product in the warehouse is on the shelf.

This is where utilising tactical activation is a boon. Being able to direct teams into stores to ensure that your products look great no matter where they are displayed in store can be the difference maker when it comes to sales uplift. Having a resource that can do this at short notice will really take your brand to the next level in the consumer consciousness.

Not only that, but they can continue to monitor its presentation so it’s always available where the consumer expects it to be.

It’s not just about on shelf visibility

It is well known that some of the leading brands augment their product’s on shelf visibility by securing additional facings in store to drive sales. Those gondola ends and promotional POS are essential tools during regular shopping periods, but they become paramount to driving incremental sales when we enter peak season.

Securing these sites, making sure they are always stocked and presentable, taking advantage of every single inch of space on them, and ensuring they have the correct prices and labels is a mammoth task within itself.

Our tactical activation teams are experts this area, and they have decades of experience delivering product compliance. During the frenzy of the Christmas period, having tactical activation resource as your go to in order to make your products really pop will have a huge effect on your seasonal sales. What's more, when your brand decides they really want some products to pop with unique POS, our teams are more than capable of siting and stocking these displays, whilst also continuing to monitor them so that they always look great.

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