How to use data to unlock actionable insight in grocery

9 June 2020
Author: Linzi McGuire

From digital adoption to Covid-19 induced behaviour changes, what can brands do keep up with the Grocery revolution, and what part does technology play?

The digital revolution has been the most important factor to disrupt retail in recent years, until Covid-19.

New and emerging technologies are moulding the retail business for a better consumer experience, both in store and online, and often EPOS data holds a key to how to win in retail.

EPOS analytics can be used to understand what’s going on in store, so that brands and retailers can make better data driven decisions for their consumers. But with so much data to analyse, it’s often difficult to know where to start…

That’s why the secret to unlocking the hidden value in the numbers lies in finding systems and technologies to unlock that potential for you.

Insights from your data allows brands to quickly take action, and by embedding EPOS based insights into merchandising processes, brands can boost store sales and profitability almost instantly.

At a brand level, head office teams want to find ways to efficiently get better insight into performance to optimise processes, while field sales teams want to sell more and build relationships without worrying about interpreting data. So how can brands get automated insight out of their data, enabling them to take a more agile approach when it comes to planning their future strategies and directing their resources, so that they only focus in value adding areas, and ultimately getting their products into the hands of consumers?  

Discover how to unlock actionable insight in an agile way for your brand

Brands who appreciate that the marketplace is shifting to become a much more data-led environment and want to capitalise on the great insight that EPOS data can provide, can turn to DART to take strategic action and grow the sales of their brands.

DART has one purpose; to help release the hidden value in your EPOS data. It does this by pooling all the available brand data from retailer systems, before applying smart algorithms to identify opportunities and predict what's going to happen next. This is all packaged in action led, user experience focused platforms for both Head Office and Field users, and can be used as a standalone system.

Head Office teams use DART to empower their commercial and supply chain teams. It drives growth by enabling them to make informed decisions, based on easy to read and up to date data. DART easily identifies trends, opportunities, tracks performance and establishes actions that deliver sales growth.

Field teams use DART to optimise their coverage. Alerts and sales analysis identify where the biggest opportunities exist, and directs users to specific value adding locations, saving them time and eliminating wasted visits.

Product Manager, Kevin Green comments, “In spite of the global pandemic, consumers continue to flock to stores and both retailers and brands have struggled to keep up with the unprecedented demand. It’s important for brands to take an agile approach and understand changes and patterns in consumer buying behaviour. DART is a great tool to unlock all this insight for you at the touch of a button, enabling fast action to be taken. Whilst helping you with quick wins, more importantly it becomes an integral tool in planning your brand’s strategic vision. When you can find accuracy, efficiency and the ability to predict the future in one solution, you know you’re onto a winner.”

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