How brands can use insight to sell more

1 December 2020
Author: Mark Fraser

2020 has been quite the year for FMCG. With the explosion in online shopping, the introduction, easing, re-introduction and potential easing (again) of government restrictions, it’s been a topsy turvy time.

But as with any period of change, new ideas and trends have begun to emerge. Retail has always been an industry that changes at pace; however, this pace has quickened even more this year. Since the Covid-19 pandemic really began to take effect of UK and Ireland in March this year, we have kept a close eye on how the landscape has shifted and we can confidently tell you that things are looking up.

Over the coming weeks we will be talking about some of these new trends, detailing how brands in convenience and grocery can capitalise on them to make a real difference. Our aim has always been to help brands sell more, but in order to achieve that we need insight. So, with that in mind we have pooled our insight into a highly detailed whitepaper that contains a wealth of information on how brands can succeed with their execution in the new normal.

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