Get your brand in shopping carts this season with Active Selling teams

21 September 2020
Author: Linzi McGuire

There are less than 100 days till Christmas - the seasonal rush is nearly upon us.

Now is a crucial time for brands to focus. With so much uncertainty and distraction, it’s crucial that brands take action on ensuring they have strategies in place to best sell their product this peak season.

With the changing environment, comes the changing role of store staff. Retail workers now have a list of new responsibilities including a long list of Health and Safety requirements. The role of the retail worker has evolved significantly in the past year in particular, and as the economic impact is felt across the country, job cuts mean retail workers need to do more than ever. So, in the chaos of the new normal, when they can’t rely on store staff to sell their product, how do brands make sure their products are primed to be purchased over the competition?

Brand ambassadors who actively sell your product may be the answer. It is the sole responsibility of these individuals to sell these products to your audience, carefully assessing and considering their individual needs in every conversation. As we approach Christmas this will be a crucial tool in every smart brand’s armoury.

Have real conversations with your consumers to make sales

Engage your consumers through conversation, education and live demos. Active Sellers can bring the energy of your brand to life and help turn those they engage with into loyal advocates.

Active selling teams are the most interactive sales and marketing tool available because it gives you the ability to communicate with your consumers wherever they meet your brand. You have the ability to engage with them directly and help them make the right purchase decisions for their needs.

Throughout this week we’ll be looking at how brand ambassadors can actively sell your product, both in store and online. So, stay tuned for some top tips.

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