Agility is key to navigating the new normal

3 July 2020
Author: Gordon Neil

We’ve spent the last 4 weeks exploring how businesses can be successful in a world where agile is the new normal, through the lens of actionable insight, digital connectivity, resource and outsourcing.

As we reach the end of this series we wanted to reflect on the key points for businesses to focus on to ensure success.

Looking through each of the lenses, our summary is:

  • Actionable insight is the foundation of agility, and requires clear purpose, deep understanding of the data you have available and what you need, the ability to bring it all together in one place, the analytics and BI systems to point you in the right direction and people who are capable of using the data effectively in their role.

  • We looked at how digital connectivity is an enabler in both B2B and B2C environments, helping brands sell to B2B customers where they get the engagement strategy and toolkit right. In B2C we looked at the future of consumer engagement through online experiences and announced our exciting new partnership with Go Instore, enabling delivery of engaging product advice and support direct from the consumers home.

  • In week 3 we looked at resource and how a clear purpose and understanding of where, when and what type of resource brands require, can help them sell more and be more efficient. We explored how we’ve worked with Microsoft to make permanent teams agile and how we’ve used different resource models, working in harmony, to deliver market share growth for Unilever Ice Cream.

  • In this final week, we’ve explored outsourcing and the role it can play in industries that require a revolution. Brands who move fast to reconsider how to run their teams at the point of purchase can win through outsourcing, as demonstrated by our case study from the financial services sector with Canada Life, delivering the agility required to switch the focus of their telephony team during Covid-19.

Join Strategy and Marketing Director Gordon Neil as we recap this month’s lessons. 

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