Optimise the efficiency of your field team by enabling them with smart data directionDART logo

DART is our in-house developed daily opportunity alerting and reporting solution that uses live retailer EPOS data in a smart, tailored way.

Designed for field users, by field users

DART fully optimises the effectiveness of your field sales team by directing them towards your most profitable stores and tasks, while saving you time and money by eliminating wasted visits.

A DART powered sales force can bring down the cost of coverage and increase your ROI.

Use smart data to build flexible teams through tailored selling stories

DART enables sales team to target opportunity SKUs and act efficiently. Using smart data algorithms it processes information to identify poor availability, NPD, promotions and opportunities for incremental displays in-store. It then informs users of required actions, prioritised by value.​

DART is available on Android, iOS and Windows, and is available to license as a standalone software product, leaving you free to use the salesforce solution of your choice. That part was important to us; we wanted to make sure anyone could license DART without the need to move all of their field sales to McCurrach.


DART allows you to


Direct your field team to the right stores, on the right days


Act on opportunities, tailored by day by store


Resolve issues identified based on under performance


Transform your sales and return on field sales investment

Double your potential sales uplift with DART

Supercharge the effectiveness of your field team with smart data, enabling them to SELL MORE.