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Engaging convenience retailers remotely to drive compliance and encourage them to stock core SKUs with MyStore+

Unilever have been a long-standing partner of ours for a number of years and their ice cream products are a particular focus in retail.

Once Unilever heard about MyStore+, they were keen to explore how they could use it to drive compliance and stocking of the core range of ice cream products in independent convenience retail.

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Having already successfully developed and launched MyStore+ in convenience retail with the support of News UK, Unilever were eager to see how the app could encourage more retailers to stock all 8 SKUs in the Wall’s ice cream core range. We used MyStore+ to display an enticing offer to convenience retailers. MyStore+ allowed Unilever to connect with more decision makers than ever before and even helped them connect with stores that their field team could not reach, further increasing the visibility of Unilever’s Wall’s ice cream across the country.

We offered retailers a £5 reward for stocking these SKUs and sending an image of the products in the chiller. This offer was repeated every 4 weeks to keep retailers motivated and engaged.

The result was that 37% of all registered convenience retailers engaged with the offer an average of 5 times over the summer trading period, the peak season for ice cream sales.

Of these retailers who redeemed the offer, 54% stocked the full core range of 8 SKUs of the top selling ice cream products, and where retailers didn’t stock the full range, we were able to provide advice and ranging recommendations.

This was a great achievement given that in order for retailers to engage with the promotion they had to have a chiller in store.

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