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Agile Resourcing for Unilever Ice Cream

Rapid growth in the online restaurant delivery sector created a significant opportunity for Unilever Ice Cream. In a sector largely populated by takeaways, a lack of dessert offerings was identified. We were posed two challenges by Unilever:

1. To drive the distribution of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream into 400 new Just Eat restaurants, with the aim of growing their market share from 42% to 50% in 9 months (April – December 2018).

2. To setup 40 ‘dessert stores’ in Deliveroo by offering a partnership opportunity with businesses located in high density locations, with these businesses acting as pick up points for Deliveroo riders and to have the product delivered to the consumer within 30 minutes of ordering.

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We created a brand-new team called Ice Cream NOW to meet these challenges. We focused on some of the UK’s biggest cities that had the highest density of online restaurants, deploying a Field Team of 13 people supported by a Telesales team of 5. We looked at each part of the sales process with a specific channel focus to ensure we were best setup to achieve the client’s goals.

This meant filling our teams with highly motivated and resilient people that were excellent at building rapport in a limited time with KDMs; we adapted our standard working hours to ensure we met takeaway restaurants during the hours they were open; we offered a higher rate of variable pay to motivate the team, and equipped them with top quality training and sales tools to ensure they got the job done to the highest standard.

Finally, we doubled down on the skills of our Territory Managers and had them take ownership of the sales process for these restaurants, meaning they had direct communication with the wholesalers, placed orders, delivered stock and digitised menus in order to get Ben and Jerry’s ice cream on Just Eat within 24 hours. This approach was helped by having our TMs generate leads remotely, creating personalised promo videos and sending them to stores to create awareness ahead of time, so that when our Telesales team called them, they knew exactly what to expect.

In order to achieve the results Unilever expected, we focused on restaurants selling competitor ice cream because we knew they already saw the benefits of selling ice cream, meaning it was simply a case of converting them to Ben & Jerry’s. We also realised that targeting local chains and owners with multiple sites was important because one agreement would lead to multiple listings of the product online. Alongside this, we conducted “blitz” days for specific cuisine types around seasonal trends and events e.g. Chinese New Year.

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