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Using Lockdown to Rapidly Pivot our Client Service Offering for Our Tech Client

With retail shutting its doors in March 2020, our training and merchandising team were unable to visit retailers and train Retail Professionals (RPs). During this period, we devised a new way to engage with RPs that utilised a variety of digital tools that could keep staff engaged and learning, even whilst on furlough.

A strategy deployed by one retailer during to lockdown was shifting a portion of their sale floor staff over to a new service called 'Shop Live'; a video and livestreaming service developed with our partner Go InStore to connect stores colleagues with consumers, allowing shoppers to get advice on products from the comfort of their own home. These RPs clearly still needed training and support, being frontline “digitally” with consumers during lockdown, so a new approach to contacting and connecting with these colleagues was required.

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We took steps to quickly switch teams to be completely digital to support our clients and consumers during lockdown. We adapted to the new retail climate and focused on how we could still achieve objectives through digital tools and ways of working.

In retail, our team’s approach was to train the RPs that were working from home or furloughed by utilising the strong relationships our colleagues had built with in-store staff pre-lockdown. We took used this unique opportunity to train them on not only products, but soft skills too and ensured that we shared assets enabling them to continue to their learning from home on their own. We pushed the dial in terms of platforms, as well as digital training via Skype and Teams, we used other tools available to us like Xbox, Minecraft Realm and Workplace to stream, game, innovate and change the way we deliver training. Our team was very receptive to input from store colleagues on how to develop this new way of working and developed a cycle of feedback with RPs to adapt to their audience’s needs.

The team were rapidly upskilled on how use different tools and methods to deliver their training, supported by experts within McCurrach. We put in place a learning platform to further upskill our colleagues by offering weekly pulse training on entirely new skills. This was delivered via a variety of methods, which we now have as part of our onboarding scheme.

As a result of this activity our offering to the client has shifted remarkably. We now have an agile team that can flex their approach in how they hit objectives. Having a well-balanced, highly skilled team that can flex to suit the needs of the client saves on redundancies, as people can be placed on different projects and support other areas for the client to meet the same objectives.

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