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Deploying Agile Reporting at Pace for a Tech Client

We have seen demand from a number of clients to create reporting suites that are agile and can respond to rapid changes in field activity, such as new ways of working or new KPIs. Recently, one of our tech clients asked us to create a brand-new reporting suite that would be able to respond to their demands regardless of the activity and KPI.  

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Having never used a reporting suite before, our tech client was interested in how this would help them to get up to the minute reporting on the online auditing activities that their field team was undertaking.  

We moved quickly to get the team up and running within 4 weeks and expanded on the reporting across a further 8 weeks within the first 6 months of the project being live. Typically, it takes around 3 months to launch a reporting suite of this calibre for a client.  

The suite we built for them was extremely responsive so that when data was captured by a colleague on day 1 would available to the client on day 2.  

This kind of flexibility also makes it easier for our sales operations team to update reports at pace whenever the client wants to change KPIs or objectives. So if the client wishes to add more objectives, update store lists, update KPIs this can be done in the same day and the reporting suite can display day 1 results on day 2.  


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