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Using Agile Teams and Brand Insight to Enhance Our Client’s Market Position

Our client was operating a small marketing and sales team and struggling to ensure that all details of their products were accurate and correct wherever they are displayed online, giving the customer the best experience of their brand.

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The Brief

They had also noticed that because the responsibility for adding details of the product lies solely in the hands of the retailer, there are often errors in adding the product, with things like descriptions being too long, details of the product being incomplete, or missing images of the product being just a few of the issues they encounter.

Additionally, because many retailers allow for reviews, it can be difficult for retailers to respond directly to them. Platforms which can typically scan for errors had not picked up obvious key areas that would have an impact on the customer journey, and they were both costly and rigid to set up. McCurrach developed an online audit solution using the existing field team resource, who were best placed as both product experts and consumers, using a flexible framework which could be adapted with just 24 hours' notice.

The Activity

Territory Managers were assigned to specific retailers and asked to review the client’s products weekly, lined into the typical promotional and pricing changeover days. The team were trained to focus on capturing the success of key search terms, taking note of review rating, review reasons, the accuracy of product descriptions, competitor information and promotional messages. Our sales operations teams built a live interactive dashboard for the client so they could review the progress being made and to drive change in areas that they felt needed it.

The accumulation of this data by our teams gave the client a clear picture on where action was required, as well as insight into why sales may be lower due to increased competitor marketing and new promotional price points. This format proved to be extremely valuable, particularly when the UK went into lockdown as it gave our client the opportunity to continue to monitor the positioning of their products whilst capturing insight on the competitor’s promotional activity.  We believe a mix of automation and replicating real customer journeys through using existing teams for human audits are a powerful way for brands to improve their online brand execution.

The Results

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