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Category Vision step-changes Retailer Relationships

We were approached by one of the UK’s top 10 heathcare suppliers with the task of helping them revitalise their brand-led approach to selling, as it was not generating much traction with retailers. Our client had relatively little influence in their category and they wanted great credibility in their approach to selling so that they could win more strategic and collaborative activities with retailers.

Creating a compelling category vision for our client’s core categories and facilitating the long-term development of strategic growth was a key factor for our client. This development and growth was to form the basis of their internal focus, as well as their retailer product activation.

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The Outcome

Once we had implemented this with the client, retailers reacted warmly as it was the first time anyone had taken such a strategic, deliberate approach to activation and category growth.

One of the additional outcomes to this process was that the sales and marketing plans became more closely aligned, meaning our approach to re-energising the client’s category vision had external and internal implications across the brand.


Our work benefitted the client in a number of ways:

  • They moved 11 places up the TAG survey* into the top 5 for their category.
  • They initiated a merchandising project with one of their top 3 retailers, that they had failed to win in the past.
  • The experienced positive feedback from key retailers.

*TAG survey is The Advantage Group survey, an annual measure of suppliers by their buyers in core FMCG categories.

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