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Revenue Management

Revenue Growth Management programme leads to €2m+ profit opportunity for regional supplier

Our expertise in creating tools for revenue management was called upon by a leading food supplier in Northern Europe. The objective was to improve the management of their net Revenue Growth in the 5 core markets within which they operate.

Before the project, our client lacked any standard approach or tools for managing their pricing, promotions, terms and assortment, and they felt that putting some simple guidelines and processes in place would improve their overall business profitability.

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Sellex Careers

The Approach

We helped the client develop and define their revenue management journey, setting objectives and areas of focus alongside the deployment of a tracking tool to measure and sustain any change to their revenue growth.

For our each of the four main topics, we developed a full module including some bespoke tools, partnering with different markets in order to pioneer the activation of these tools. We did this through market specific analysis, off-site tool development and with a multi-functional workshop in each market so we could develop some market specific strategies and map out a plan for implementation. This initial phase was spread over a six-month period.


Once each topic had been tackled, we then helped to develop internal “topic experts” who shared their best practice on each topic with other markets.

The Outcome

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