Brand Ambassadors at Richmond Runfest.

Passionate Brand Ambassadors for Graze

When Graze wanted to spread the message about their delicious and wholesome snacks, we agreed there was no better place than the Richmond Runfest.

There were 7 running events across the weekend, and we were ready to reward the runners for crossing the line with a Graze Smoky Barbeque Crunch sample pack.

We rallied a group of our talent Brand Ambassadors got them kitted out, briefed, and trained on all things Graze, we put on some SPF and went out to meet the runners. Over the 2 days of activation our team not only handed out the sample packs but also spread the message of Graze by chatting and interacting with runners. We had a photo podium with cut out ingredients from the Graze products to be held up, this proved very popular with the runners. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend with some great engagement for the client.

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