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Using brilliant brand ambassadors to sell more in the UK's best place to live

To celebrate the city of Salisbury winning the highly sought-after Best Place to Live in the UK award, News UK decided to set up a Times stand in the local Salisbury Waitrose store.  

The goal was to drive awareness of The Times and Sunday Times newspapers and sell out of the 500 copies of the Sunday Times that our Brand Ambassadors had for the event. 

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We recruited a Brand Ambassador team who assembled a live pop-up in Salisbury’s Waitrose, equipped with copies of The Times to sell, and reusable Times cups to give away to anyone who purchased.  

Our Brand Ambassadors spent the day approaching customers about The Times and The Sunday Times and congratulated them on their city winning The Sunday Times’ 'Best Place to Live' aware. 

For every copy of The Sunday Times sold, a Times reusable coffee cup was also given out to consumers so they would leave with a permanent reminder of the brand. 

The campaign saw the highest sale in any Waitrose store in more than five years. In addition, that Salisbury’s Waitrose sold more copies of The Sunday Times paper than any other retail store in the UK that day. Just 4 hours after the store had opened its door, our Brand Ambassadors had sold out of newspapers and given out all 500 cups. After a prompt redelivery of an additional 300 copies of the paper, the team once again completely sold out just 90 minutes later.  

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