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Continuing to provide value during Covid-19 by creating a digital learning platform

Microsoft have been a partner client of ours for 8 years, but we’ve never seen a situation like Covid-19 before, with all technology retail stores closed.

With consumers seeking even more technology in this unique period, we were determined to find a way to continue to engage our Microsoft Retail Elites and Dixons Carphone Retail Professionals during lockdown, so that when stores re-open, colleagues have not missed a beat.

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The Activity

During a gamification brainstorming session, we came up with an idea to create a digital world on a Microsoft exclusive platform where we could provide a gamified version of what we do on a day-to-day basis in store…but with a twist.

Minecraft was the answer, enabling us to be as creative as we want, allowing us to build our own realm and learning experiences for Retail Professionals, so we created the EliteCraft Realm. We worked collectively to create a community for all who wanted to join.

We encouraged Elites to participate and to create their own home in the server to build engagement, to sign the welcome board in the Microsoft Teams room so we could see how many people have visited, and we created a virtual Dixons Carphone store where colleagues could take part in online Elite Academy training sessions in a roundtable format, followed by gamified training on categories such as OneDrive, premium apps, Office365, Xbox and much more. Knowledge was tested along the way to ensure that each of our Microsoft Retail Elites was meeting their weekly training goals.

We continue to build, and our next goal is to drive even more volume through the realm and increase participation on an ongoing basis.

The Minecraft Realms Community Project 'Elitecraft'

The Results

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