Using EPOS Analytics to Drive Incremental Value for Kerry

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Using EPOS Analytics to Drive Incremental Value for Kerry

As part of our ongoing operations with Kerry, we were asked to make smart use of EPOS data by the client to create efficiencies in the team and drive additional value over a two week period. For Kerry, efficiency is key given that many of their products are short-dated. Availability can also be an issue because of this, so the client wanted a demonstrable data solution that could provide results. 

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In a chilled business with short-dated products, availability can fluctuate, so it is crucial to spot issues early and this is where DART excels. The DART dashboard downloads the previous day’s EPOS data direct from the retailers for all their stores. This allows the Territory Managers to be strategic, to focus on the stores with the biggest and most important issues.

Each day the Territory Managers plan their day using a combination of geography and data in their target store list. The data provided shows the Territory Manager the total Lost Sales Value for each of their stores within their given geography. By targeting the correct stores at the correct times it has allowed us to help stores improve their on shelf availability and reduce the value of sales lost due to out of stocks. The interventions we have made in Kerry Foods using DART to support our coverage have driven availability up by 3% and improved lost sales values by £40K per week.

As well as supporting journey plans, the DART dashboard also visualises the sales data for our brands by regions, allowing the Territory Manager to have strategic sales conversations with the store management team, supporting space and displays based on actual store sales as well as creating some inter store competition.

DART has a Head Office app that allows brand and sales teams also benefit too. They are able to access DART dashboards and reports showing product availability, distribution and promotional compliance. Using DART has not just made our field teams more efficient – it has also helped at a Head Office level to see and report on important statistics across the estate.

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