Award Winning Nokia Re-Launch

Vital Statistics


Our Award Winning Nokia Re-Launch

Project Period:

12 months

Services Used:

Social Media

Retailer Engagement

Retailer Training

The Brief

In August 2017 HMD Global & McCurrach created and launched a field team to help support the relaunch of the Nokia mobile brand back into UK retail from obscurity.

Nokia partnered with Google Android to offer a pure Android customer experience, the relaunch required a field team to help build brand awareness, deliver training and sell handsets through retail and call centre outlets of the main UK mobile retailers and operators.

HMD faced a vast challenge in that an generation of customers were unaware of the Nokia brand due to being too young to have grown up with an original Nokia handset. This, coupled with the fact that in recent years the brand was owned by Microsoft who ran the troubled Windows Mobile operating system on Nokia Handsets.

This meant the field team had to start from zero perception in many cases, building on the brands heritage and showcasing the fact that Nokia are back with a very strong and competitive customer proposition.

One additional challenge lay in the fact that HMD global are essentially a start-up company, and so all operations were conducted in a very lean fashion. Budget restraints meant we had to deliver a first-class field operation capable of re-launching the Nokia brand into retail within a very limited resource structure.

The Activity

To ensure we achieved success with the relaunch, the initial strategy was kept simple. It was built around three key areas:

  1. Call file – Where and when we would visit to maximise impact.
  2. Social Media – We knew social media was key, so we knew we would have to build a compelling offering from scratch.
  3. Retailer Engagement – As a new rival brand, having strong meaningful relationships with retailers would help to get them onboard which would in turn help us grow the brand message and ultimately brand sales.

Our key objective to spread the message and train on Nokia handsets allowed us to build to an average of 3.25 people trained per store visit over the last 12 months, exceeding our target of 2.5 people trained per store. This figure has grown month on month showcasing the fact our field team are integrating themselves with store staff allowing them the time to spend with as many retail staff as possible totalling over 12500 training interactions in last 12 months, a full 34% over target with a field team size of 5 full time Territory managers.

In our social quest we launched a Facebook group and have grown the community to over 500 people, exceeding target by 65%, we see regular input from our community and regularly post to retain interest and interaction.

We launched our Tribe E Learning App from scratch and we now have over 950 activated users, with an average of 60% of these as active users within a 30-day rolling period. This has exceeded the target of 300 users per qtr.

We’ve had over 1000 courses completed with an average score of over 82% again highlighting the training our field team are delivering is resonating well with store staff taking part in the courses.

This work allowed us to take 3rd place best-selling handset place within CPW around Christmas 2017, aswell as winning a gold award from Campaign of the Year at the 2018 FMBE Awards.

The Results

34% over target

34% over target

Gold Winner at 2018 FMBE Awards for Campaign Of The Year

Gold Winner at 2018 FMBE Awards for Campaign Of The Year

65% over target on social delivery

65% over target on social delivery