Winner of No.1 Magnum Pleasure Store in in the world!

Vital Statistics


Unilever - Magnum

Project Period:

5 months

Services Used:


Short term HR management staffing to profile

Consumer Engagement

The Brief

When Unilever ice cream brand Magnum were preparing to host a pop-up Pleasure Store in London for the third year running they needed a successful partner to deliver the staffing element and run the stores on their behalf.

The Pleasure Stores give consumers the chance to make their own Magnum by choosing different elements including choice of ice cream, chocolate flavour dip and extravagant toppings. It was important that the store became a real talking point in the local area and on social media, as it would compete against all other stores globally for the chance to be crowned No.1Magnum Pleasure Store in the world. It was therefore essential to the store’s success to find people who could truly embody the Magnum brand to deliver a great customer experience packed full of excitement, passion and luxury.

When sourcing partners to staff and run their pop-up Pleasure Stores all over the world, Magnum turned to their SSI network for recommendations. As SSI’s sales partner in the UK we were excited to be asked to pitch for the job and were delighted to be chosen over our competitors to take the lead on this project.    

The store was to be staffed full time, 7 days a week for 4 months during the summer and we were tasked with finding, recruiting and training the Pleasure Makers alongside Magnum ahead of opening day. 

The Activity

To ensure the recruitment process went without a hitch we wrote a sparkling job spec and used directional advertising to attract the most thrilling applicants according to Magnums brief. We then profile matched all 1000 applicants to ensure we hired great people with big personalities who had plenty of experience in the customer service industry. For this reason we whittled down applicants by focussing on candidates who had previous experience as baristas, mixologists or in brand promotions. The short list of 200 were invited to a number of casting days for the 30 roles – both permanent and standby.

The casting, which was held over two days in London, was unlike any interview process we had ever held before so we focussed a lot of time and resource into getting this absolutely right. Applicants were graded from the moment they entered the venue on everything from social interaction with others to how they responded to our killer questions during the speed interviews. The speed interviews were designed to represent their working environment where staff would be required to think on their feet and act fast all while engaging customers. We applied positive pressure to see how applicants responded and selected the top 16 performers for full time positions and a further 14 who would remain on standby for the duration of the campaign in case extra cover was required.

After an induction and classroom style learnings at Unilever’s London office we ensured all staff had food hygiene certificates before heading out to the Pleasure Store for two half-day dipping trainings. Magnum did a great job of teaching all staff dipping techniques and how to serve the mostly perfectly indulgent and attractive ice cream.

Once the store was open our team completed over 8,000 hours greeting and engaging with customers over the 4 month summer period to deliver the ultimate immersive experience, both in store and at VIP and outdoor events in London.

 Our team were the face of the Magnum brand for the duration of the summer and encouraged customers to buy the product and interact with the brand through social media. All of this effort resulted in the London store winning No.1 Magnum Pleasure Store in the world. 

The Results

Recruitment completed in 4 weeks and team live within 1 week.

Recruitment completed in 4 weeks and team live within 1 week.  

Over 23,600 Magnums sold during the 4 month campaign.

Over 23,600 Magnums sold during the 4 month campaign.

Awarded No.1 Magnum Pleasure Store in in the world!

Awarded No.1 Magnum Pleasure Store in in the world!