Double the sales uplift generated in stores using DART!

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Vital Statistics


Consumer Goods Company

Project Period:

5 months

Services Used:


Outsourced Field Sales 

The Brief

Our experience in the field sales space told us that brands find it increasingly difficult to identify missed sales opportunities, guarantee product availability, and ensure their field teams visit the right stores at the right times. In the age where making use of data is imperative, not only for business growth but also survival, we challenged ourselves to create and bring to market a new EPOS analytics solution that would address these issues.

With multiple solutions already available at market, we felt that there was still an opportunity to create an intuitive, easy to use and user-friendly solution, that ensured high levels of accuracy, directive features and sales information for users. For that reason, it was important to us to develop a solution that was built for field users, by field users. 

The Activity

Over the last 12 months, we have developed a best-in-class field sales analytics tool providing field sales teams with direction whilst driving down the cost of coverage while increasing ROI for brands.

We knew from the offset that DART was required to deliver 4 key functions:

And we’ve done just that! The figures speak for themselves…

A few months into development path, we ran a trial with one of our clients to ensure we were on the right track. Our 16-week trial consisted of a field sales team of 10 Territory Managers, in a central region, visiting c. 50 stores for one retailer.

In total, the team carried out 510 store visits, actioning over 7,500 alerts, correcting an average of £147 of lost sales per visit! Over the 16-weeks, the team garnered some impressive intervention numbers too. Here are a few headlines headlines:


DART has produced such great results for our client that their Retail Execution Strategy and Operations Manager told us:

“DART has been a fantastic sales tool for our field team, supporting them to focus on getting to the right stores on the right days. The app itself is very intuitive and the field team are loving it. It is such a great tool for the team, ensuring they are informed, equipped and ready with better selling stories for every store they visit.”

The Results

28% increase in incremental displays sited

28% increase in incremental displays sited

500% increase in facings gained per visit

500% increase in facings gained per visit

42.4% increase in cases ordered

42.4% increase in cases ordered