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Project Period:

April 2018 – May 2019

Services Used:

Outsourced Resourcing, Experiential, Brand Ambassadors, Digital Connectivity, Field Marketing

The Brief

HP discovered that 80% of consumers start their journey online and that they were largely avoiding brick and mortar retail altogether. As a result, the footfall to technology stores dropped because many were seeing in-store shopping as redundant.  

This, combined with the fact that many customers do not feel they are getting a tailored experience online, led to a need for change. HP challenged us to devise and implement a new initiative that would link online and offline, driving footfall to physical stores, increasing engagement with HP products, and giving online customers a tailored, VIP shopping experience.  

The Activity

Our approach to this was three pronged: 

  1. We created a dedicated social media presence on Facebook that targeted selected audiences with content designed to bring them in store for events and demonstrations. We created a page called Experience HP, and we quickly built a following by creating and targeting specific content to select audience. Once in store they would participate in themed workshops run by our in-store Brand Ambassadors which were designed to provide tailored solutions to their lifestyleinterests, and needs. 

  1. We employed 8 Brand Ambassadors and placed them in four Curry’s PC World stores in Bristol, London, Birmingham, and Teesside. These HP Brand Ambassadors would provide VIP consumer experiences, actively selling HP products, running regular in store events, supporting the marketing team with content for Facebook channels and being accountable for handling the Go Instore calls.  

  1. Go Instore is the UK’s first live video sales tool for computing in a major retailer, and we deployed it with our Brand Ambassadors so that consumers who were browsing HP products on the Currys PC World website would be able to video chat with one of our colleagues about the products they had just been viewing. Brand ambassadors could offer demos, suggest alternate products if asked, and even place the item in the users basket on the website so they could purchase immediately or pick up in store. 

Taken together, these three approaches created an end to end experience that met consumers online across several platforms, whilst also providing HP with an active selling service that worked very well in store.  

The Results

Between 10 and 15 people attended each in-store event

Between 10 and 15 people attended each in-store event

Go Instore conversion rate was 8 times higher than the Curry’s PC World website

Go Instore conversion rate was 8 times higher than the Currys PC World website 

1 million Facebook impressions per month on average, with almost 80,000 engagements

1 million Facebook impressions per month on average, with almost 80,000 engagements 

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