Our partnership with Canada Life built on trust and shared goals

Canada Life

Vital Statistics


Canada Life

Project Period:

11 Years

Services Used:

Outsourced telesales 

The Brief

We first partnered with MGM Advantage back in the summer of 2008 when they were just looking to increase their sales of the enhanced annuity.  A management change had forced a change in direction of the business and they wanted to partner with a company that could help drive their sales strategy and break further into a market that was dominated by some very key and reputable brand names.

The Activity

During the eleven years we have worked together with Canada Life we have launched two brand new products to the market place, expanded their sales capability into a telephony world, rebranded twice (first as Retirement Advantage and then as Canada Life through an acquisition) and managed an annuity provider’s distribution through a period when it was announced in the Chancellor’s budget that nobody need now buy an annuity.

A short trip through the journey with Canada Life has seen our teams start as low as ten field based heads, grow as large as 51 people (both field and telephony) and now works as a team of 20 people (mostly based at our office in Glasgow) who work alongside a long established and successful Canada Life internal sales team of 29.

The demands of any business changes as time goes on and this is how we have been able to amend those numbers on a frequent basis due to those changing demands but each time have ensured that the success of Canada Life is at the forefront of everything that we have done.

We introduced an integrated sales model into the Retirement Advantage relationship that saw Business Development Managers in the field tie in with Telephone Account Managers in our Glasgow office but sharing accounts, targets and goals to ensure that the best possible service was provided to the customers of Retirement Advantage, an absolute key to the success of any relationship.  Such was the success of this model it was adopted by the Canada Life team upon the acquisition and has now been adopted across their hugely successful bond business.

Internally, all levels of McCurrach senior management ensure that we create a feeling of trust from Canada Life in our activities and we work closely with them to ensure that all aspects of our sales process remain aligned to their business goals.

What the client said...

I have always viewed the McCurrach sales team as I would do any internal sales team. They are an integral part of our strategy and goals and have provided an important aspect of our growth over the past eleven years. Aston Goodey, Distribution Director, Canada Life

The Results

£2 billion retirement products have been achieved

£2 billion retirement products have been achieved

The addition of onshore and offshore bonds as sales assets

The addition of onshore and offshore bonds as sales assets

Due to its success, Canada Life have rolled out the model across their bond business

Due to its success, Canada Life have rolled out the model across their bond business

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