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Does your EPOS data hold the secret of how to win in retail?

Author: Kevin Green

The digital revolution has been the most important factor to disrupt retail in recent years. New and emerging technologies are moulding the retail business for a better customer experience, both in store and online, and often EPOS data holds a key to how to win in retail.

In-store analytics can be used to understand what’s going on in store, so that brands and retailers can make better data driven decisions for their consumers, but there is so much data, it’s often difficult to know where to start…

Unlock the hidden value in your EPOS data with DART

DART helps brands to not only unlock, but leverage the hidden value within their EPOS data, enabling faster and more efficient access to actionable insight at a micro and macro level.

For field sales, DART generates the value gap and daily ‘alerts’ for opportunity products and alerts field teams to take corrective action. The system identifies the type of issue, whether it be availability, promotional, distribution, stock discrepancies etc, and provides field users with sales-based information and recommendations that allows them to take value adding actions to resolve the issues.

DART success in 2019

2019 was the first full calendar year that DART was in market, and it was certainly a great year! In 2019 we onboarded 5 new clients onto the DART suite, supported over 150 daily users at both field and head office level, we achieved over 95% accuracy across all clients, and we performed value adding interventions on 46,000 alerts, which equated to £1.2m of lost sales correction.

We’ve got more big plans in store to continue to grow and develop the suite to make it even better for 2020.

If you would like to find out more about DART could help your brand sell more, contact us.


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