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What is experiential marketing and how can it help brands?

Experiential marketing forges an opportunity to create closer bonds between consumer and brand by immersing shoppers in fun and memorable experiences. We’ve learned that delivering engaging brand events direct to consumers is fast becoming the most valuable way to effectively get brands in front of large audiences.

What can experiential marketing do for my brand?

The secret behind the success of experiential campaigns is that they focus on making people happy. When a feel-good emotion is fostered in a consumer, it naturally leads to brand loyalty. As a result,  organic advocacy is triggered, and groups of people who spread the word about their favourite product or brand are created.

Brands will spend millions on TV commercials this Christmas but realistically speaking, how many people actually convert and become loyal consumers just by watching an advert? When was the last time you saw a TV ad and went straight online or to store to buy the product?

So, what is it about experiential marketing that makes the difference to brand experiences?

Here are our top 3 reasons:

  1. Face-to-face Engagement

Real people, real faces and real conversations.

And not just conversations, but conversations that engage, inspire, and have a real two-way dialogue allowing consumers to learn about your brand whilst you learn about your consumers.

As an industry we don’t emphasise the value of human interaction enough to consumers anymore - we’ve lost a bit of the human part of the journey and it’s time to bring it back. Consumers are no longer looking to just buy something - they’re looking to buy into something and this is where providing a hyper-personalised brand experience really knocks it out the park.

Experiential marketing is the platform brands can use to thrill, delight, and really get to grips with their target audience. Whilst those who are engaging, experience something that is both tangible and real - something that is relatively uncommon these days in such a digital focussed world.

  1. Drive Your Social Exposure

It’s happened to all of us. We’re walking down the street and we see something so amazing, we must show our friends. That itching need to snap everything, post updates, and share encounters as they happen - it’s become a part of our culture. Harnessing this social phenomenon is a necessity for brand survival and success.

The hard part is ensuring the experience is so exhilarating it leaves users feeling compelled to share, driving your organic social exposure. However, it must also offer a real benefit and true value to customers, engaging them on a deeper level than just vanity. It must provoke real emotions. 

  1. Scalable for Any Business Size

Big or small, David or Goliath, it doesn’t matter what size a brand is when incorporating experiential marketing into their marketing strategy. Titans can benefit from providing a personal touch and coming face-to-face with consumers once again, while fresh-faced disruptors can just as easily use it as a springboard to success.


The trick here is to create an experience so compelling that even the Grinch would crack a smile. In turn, brand loyalty is created and built, brands separate themselves from the noise, and consumers welcome a breath of fresh air away from the usual digital battering they receive on the daily.

Experiential marketing isn’t the latest fad in brand marketing. It’s tried, tested and delivers real ROI to brands all around the world. Consumers are crying out for that personalised touch. So, what’s our advice to help brands win in the competitive race to the top…? The answer lies in the experience you provide…

To learn more about creating exciting and engaging experiential marketing campaigns for your brand get in touch with our Wave team here.