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Proud to be involved in Feeding Britain’s Future School’s programme!

The Schools Programme, which is an initiative run by the IGD, brings professionals from across the food and grocery industry together to help inspire and educate school students, so they understand how to translate their education into skills for work while learning about the wide range of food and grocery careers. 


We took part in this IGD programme by sending along a handful of our own people to help facilitate these workshops. A lot of our colleagues are interested in developing their careers further so this is always a great opportunity for them to step outside of their comfort zone while educating and supporting others to learn about opportunities within the industry they work in.

We interviewed Kevin Green, an Operations Executive on our Graduate Programme to find out what he thought about his experience:

 “I attended a session at Hyndland Secondary in Glasgow with a group of S3 & S4's, which was called "What are my skills and strengths? Can they get me a job?” My role as a volunteer was to support the students in realising what their transferable skills were, and how they could be used in future employment. I was also there to help them build self-confidence and self-awareness through coaching techniques.

 I was coaching some students who were very quiet and shy, and didn't have a great deal of self-belief, which I  found quite challenging at times, but once they started to realise that they had many transferable skills from their hobbies and interests they really started to engage. That was really quite rewarding!

 One breakout session saw the students split into pairs and they were asked to talk about themselves for a full minute each, but they were only allowed to say positive things. I had to go first as an example and it proved more difficult than I first thought. But again, once the students started to understand their skills, strengths, beliefs and values through the support and coaching from myself and the other volunteers, they really started to engage in the session. Before we knew it we couldn't stop some of them talking!

Overall, I found coaching the students and helping them to build some self-awareness and confidence to be a really positive and rewarding experience. Of course, it’s great to be able to support this IGD initiative within our industry but surprisingly for me, it was also a fantastic networking opportunity as volunteers had backgrounds in other areas of the industry.

It was fantastic to be given the opportunity by McCurrach, and to represent them at this event. They place a lot of focus on development so I’m looking forward to attending more of these events in the future.”

 See what a few of our other colleagues had to say about their experience with the Feeding Britain’s Future schools programme:

“It was great seeing the students come out of their shells and engage with the activities. It was clear that quite a few of them had little-to-no idea about jobs in the food industry beforehand, but by the end of the day they seemed encouraged by the options available to them for their future.” David Hudson, Grocery Sales Operations Executive on the McCurrach Graduate Programme.

 “I really enjoyed the workshop and the students had plenty of interesting questions. I’d be more than happy to volunteer again as it’s so useful for the students. I just wish I had the opportunity to take part in something like this when I was at school!” Kieran Docherty, McCurrach Territory Manager. 

And it’s not just Britain’s future we’re feeding! Steve Cattigan was Feeding Ireland’s Future recently, helping out with a similar initiative across the pond. See our Facebook feed for a snapshot of his day

In 2016 we had 27 colleagues participate in 36 sessions. This year we already have 6 colleagues (and counting!) booked in to summer sessions running 17th April – 9th June 2017, so stay tuned for more updates!

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