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We're Changing Our Mobile Phone Policy

February 3rd marks a historic day for McCurrach, as we roll out a ban on mobile phone voice calls and messaging in cars.

Our colleagues' safety is our number one priority. Following advice from the police and having assessed the overall safety risks of driving whilst using a mobile phone, we are implementing a total ban on the use of mobile phones for voice calls and messaging whilst driving. This policy will allow us to continue to proactively improve the health & safety of our colleagues.

Why are we making this change?

In summary:

  •        We want our colleagues to be both safe and lawful.
  •        MPs have proposed that mobile phone usage in cars should be banned.
  •        Our key clients have already banned the use of mobile phones in cars.

There is also a raft of data on why mobile phone usage in cars is dangerous:

  •        In 2017 there were 1,793 traffic fatalities and 170,993 injuries as a result of mobile phone usage whilst driving.
  •        Using a mobile phone whilst driving makes you five times more likely to have an accident.
  •        If you are caught using a mobile phone while driving you can face a fine, points on your licence and even potentially lose your licence.
  •        Drivers can also face prison if they are involved in an accident whilst using a phone, even when hands-free.

This is a significant change to our way of working; however, public sentiment and road safety data endorse our decision. We are absolutely committed to the safety of our colleagues, other road users and pedestrians.

As we lead the field sales industry, we must do so by example.

How our ways of working are changing

Due to this change, we are taking the following steps to ensure the policy has no impact on our day to day business.

  •        We plan to increase the use of technology to host meetings
  •        We will ensure that all meetings between line managers and field colleagues are diarised and scheduled in such a way to ensure that they are not on the road
  •        We will be clearer with our teams on the best methods of communicating with their managers to ensure that they plan in time off the road to make any essential contact
  •        We will ensure that colleagues are aware of travel plans for their line managers so that they can schedule calls appropriately and off the road
  •        We will utilise public transport for longer journeys

We are confident that these steps will result in minimal impact to our business.

Thank you for your support.