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Use your Above the Line (ATL) investment to reach your largest possible audience, with an added bonus via React

Is your business achieving the maximum results from your marketing budget? We’ll show you how to invest your above the line (ATL) marketing budget in the country’s most popular media titles to get the biggest reach, while receiving an added benefit at no extra cost.

Where do the most profitable media opportunities lie for UK marketers?

If you’re unsure where to invest your ATL media spend for the biggest return, let us point you in the right direction:

  • Digital advertising and video marketing campaigns: Smash your campaign goals by taking advantage of Unruly's premium video ad marketplace. 1.35bn unique users can be accessed with support from Unruly or Storyful to accurately and safely target, engage, analyse, test and adapt your video advertising campaign.
  • Talksport & Virgin Radio: with almost 5m weekly listeners, these radio channels will help you spread your brand message far and wide.
  • The Sun: the highest-selling "tabloid" daily newspaper in the United Kingdom with a digital reach of 21m, a social reach of 13.4m and a daily print reach of approximately 3.8m this is a title not to pass up on.
  • The Times: with a daily print reach of over 1m readers and almost 4m on Sunday, a digital reach of over 5m and a social reach of over 6.5m, advertising in the prestigious title is well sought after.

Your added benefit via React:

For every £4 of ATL investment you spend with a NewsUK media outlet, you will receive £1 worth of BTL activation in the convenience channel to help your brand reach customers physically, and convert your advertising spend into sales.

A wide range of options can be adopted BTL, and all of it targeted using market leading data and executed in-store by our expert field team.

Tune in on Thursday to discover what kind of BTL offerings are available for brands to get the most out of their marketing budgets.

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