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Unlocking Below the Line Value with your Above the Line media through React

Do you ever feel like you could get more out of your Above the Line (ATL) media by combining it with Below the Line (BTL) activation? What if that BTL activation came free of charge as part of your ATL investment? Well, that’s exactly what React does; £1 of BTL for every £4 of ATL in fact, and the choice of targeted BTL activation is broad to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Targeted BTL activation

Not only is your BTL activation free of charge when you invest in ATL with React, it’s targeted through market leading data in the convenience retail sector. The team at React use outlet data for 54,000 convenience stores, covering footfall, demographics, location, store attributes and live news sales to cleverly work out which areas, stores and consumers will deliver the most value. They then offer a menu of options to help you target them with the right activities.

BTL options that are sure to help you sell more

Whatever your ATL investment is focused on, there’s an option to activate that will fit your needs and ensure you sell more. The options can be split into three categories:

  •          Distribution Driving – Ideal if you’re launching a new product. This is a great way to get your product(s) in front of retailers and deliver your brand message. Options include direct digital communication with retailers, retailer sampling to engage consumers in your product and field sales calls through our News Matters team, who call on over 12,000 outlets.
  •          Sales Driving – Great for boosting sales in-store. Options include secondary displays in key locations in-store, by leveraging News UKs newspaper equipment and link saves within the news category.
  •          Consumer Engagement – If you want to communicate directly with consumers, React can enable that too. Your brand can take prominent position in news media, offering free samples, and 69,000 consumers can be targeted with direct mail to ensure your product is front of mind.

The one thing we can guarantee is that whatever option is right for your ATL campaign, React will help you sell more than just ATL alone. And remember, best of all is that it’s all free of charge with your ATL media package.  

Some of the biggest global FMCG brands are already doing this with great success, so why not join them?

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