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TRANSFORM your sales using smart data

Author: Kevin Green

In the fourth and final blog in our DART series, DART Development Manager, Kevin Green, tells us how our new EPOS analytics tool can TRANSFORM the sales of your products across all key grocery multiples, give a competitive edge on fixture visibility and displays, and drive category and brand performance.

Are you looking to grow your sales in the most efficient way possible? DART allows you to do just that!

Take preventive and corrective action to drive sales performance

Using DART, your field team become opportunity led by leveraging the power of smart, accurate and actionable insight. This means they can prevent any issues and capitalise on future opportunities through predictive direction, whilst correcting any issues that have occurred in store.

DART ensures every sales person is equipped with direction that gets them to the right stores on the right day and that they focus on the biggest opportunities in-store. It equips them with opportunity led interventions and store specific tailored selling stories. This is how you transform sales in every store, eliminating inefficiency in the process. Our recently published case study demonstrates how well this works in practice. In fact, this particular campaign delivered a 70% uplift in the sales benefit the team delivered for one of our clients.

The 3 main benefits that DART delivers at the TRANSFORM stage are:

  1. Value adding actions: DART directs your field team to the right stores, on the right days, focuses them on the right products, with the right intervention actions. This ensures that your team acts efficiently and effectively, boosting your ROI and the sales performance of your products.
  2. Tailored selling stories: By using smart data algorithms, DART is able to build tailored store specific selling stories for field users to capitalise on. Whether that’s identifying the right product for display, or supporting in a fixture relay, DART ensures field teams are equipped with the right information for each and every store.
  3. Drive a competitive edge over other field teams: The UI & UX of DART speaks for itself; simple, yet super effective in-store. By equipping your team with DART, you are equipping them with a sales tool like no other on the market place.

DART is the best way to unlock sales growth and eliminate inefficiency in your field sales team

Why? Because we provide simple, effective direction, presented in a way that engages field sales teams and retailers alike. This means everyone in the team makes a difference from day 1 when using DART, pushing them towards that difference quicker than they would achieve with any other solution.

Contact us to find out how DART can optimise your field sales team.

We are a field marketing company who helps big brands sell more. One way of enabling field teams to do that is by equipping them with a smart data solution that identifies selling opportunities that are tailored and optimised for maximum impact.