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Introducing our new digital & data brand: Thumbprint

Author: Rachel Laiolo

As a multi-faceted company, the McCurrach Group covers multiple sectors and services, leading to us having many brands and products under one roof. As our product portfolio grows, one of our objectives is to make sure that our innovation in digital and data tools are recognised in their own right as products that can be purchased on a standalone basis by manufacturers to help them sell more and unlock efficiency.

It's for this reason we've created a new brand to be the home of our digital and data products. Meet Thumprint!

Thumbprint currently houses our MyStore+ and DART products. Watch out for more digital and data innovations here in the future. 

McCurrach Strategy and Marketing Director, Gordon Neil, commented “This is an important step for the McCurrach Group. Digital and data products are a big focus area for us and we have been consistently investing in, and developing our capability in this space. By creating Thumbprint as a parent brand, we’re signalling our strategic intent as an organisation and making our products easier to find.”

Why Thumbprint?

McCurrach Head of Marketing, Linzi McGuire, commented “We decided to name the new brand Thumbprint because all of our digital products are bespoke to each client, just as each fingerprint is unique. During the branding exercise we also drew parallels to the connection between people and technology e.g. using your Thumbprint to unlock technology and using our products to unlock value and sell more.”

Learn more about our digital & data product portfolio by visiting our websites: MyStore+ & DART  

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