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How do you find the perfect match for your brand?

Finding great people is challenging and finding the perfect match for your brand can be a minefield. When you’re looking for people who fit your ideal candidate persona it’s often the case that hours of time are invested into finding the right people and in the end, it just hasn’t worked out. Is this beginning to sound like a familiar story?  

In fact, the world of dating draws many parallels to that of experiential recruitment. Brands seek those who live and breathe their values. Their passion has to be raw, completely unfiltered and fully aligned with your ethos to affect consumers enough to turn them into advocates of your brand.

Our top 3 tips to finding awesome brand ambassadors:

  1. Find complimentary personalities: People are the face of your brand and these people are responsible for leaving a lasting first impression on anyone that enters the environment. For that reason, they must reflect the values of your business. Finding the right people for your brand means finding people who share your personality traits. Casting days are a great way to identify individuals who share values and passions that are aligned with your business. From there, they can be further moulded into brand superstars via expert training.
  1. Expert people are key: If you were running an experiential event around coffee tasting to introduce a new flavour of your coffee, would you hire a coffee drinker or a coffee lover? You need someone who could tell a spiced latte from a soy cappuccino by the smell of its aroma. However, while expertise in a subject may come naturally to some, most people become experts via a mix of experience and tailored training. Making sure you equip your ambassadors with the right knowledge and toolkit for the job is essential.
  1. Passion creates advocates: Finding people with passion is easy, but finding people with a passion that directly reflects your brand image is what really makes the difference. They need to portray an exciting and vibrant picture of your brand to make a real impact and influence sales and advocacy. Body language, attitude and energy are all important in conveying authentic passion that encourages loyalty for your brand.  

Finding these perfect fits are what our sister agency, Wave are experts at.

Working with Wave

Wave are experts at casting, training and managing Brand Ambassadors and Retail Staff throughout the UK and Ireland. Each individual is as unique as your brand, and when teamed up with their peers they create an army of advocates who sell your brand passionately, authentically and organically. This means creating amazing consumer experiences which ultimately increase awareness, loyalty and sales.

Whether you’re hiring retail staff, mystery shoppers, active sellers, or ambassadors, the core of every campaign is great people. Achieving success without the right people in place is virtually impossible.

Wave have a great track record of working across a variety of industries, combined with vast amounts of experience and an award-winning matchmaking process. Here, we’ve only shared a small insight into how to find your perfect brand match, so if you’d like to know more about how to seek out the very best talent contact us and we’ll put you in touch with our Wave team.