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Roll up, roll up! Your weekly update for everything FMCG, Foodservice & Retail in the UK and Ireland has landed...

If you're looking for a handy guide that informs you of all the latest news in FMCG, foodservice & retail across the UK and Ireland then you've come to the right place. This week's McCurrach Eye report has everything you need to know: 

Welcome to The McCurrach Eye, your one-stop-shop for this week's top news stories from the UK & Ireland's retail & foodservice industries.


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We’ve been operating in the grocery sector since the company was established in 1898. Learning and growing over decades of work, we have worked with numerous global brands and as a result are the largest grocery field sales operator in the UK.

We ensure that FMCG brands reach their full potential by maximising distribution, visibility and availability of products. Our specialist team benefit from ongoing training and support and we have built excellent relationships with major retailers and supermarkets, ensuring we can always add value to your sales and marketing strategies.

We typically deliver a client return on investment in excess of £2 profit for every £1 invested. This is achieved through our ongoing efforts to deliver services that are effective and cost efficient; a reflection of our brand’s dedication to continuous improvement.

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