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Our DART Data Solution can help ensure the availability of your stock from Halloween into the New Year

Author: Rachel Laiolo

Availability is one of the top reasons brands miss out on sales during the last quarter of the year. Stock availability is the silent killer of sales as many brands are unaware of the problem which allows it to go on for days or weeks at a time. This window of time forces even loyal customers to choose alternative competitor products which can lead to a drop-in sales of top selling products in the following quarter.

Make sure your products are available during peak trading times…

Deloitte’s Retail Trends research has discovered that nearly half of all Christmas shopping takes place in November or earlier. 53% of those surveyed plan on doing most of their Christmas shopping before or during November with FMCG being the most shopped category. Popular products include chocolate which is also a key seller during October due to Halloween. Nearly 60% of people expressed that they will be going in to stores to make these purchases for a number of reasons such as the ease of comparing products, the pleasant experience shopping at this time of the year and the quality of product information.

How can DART help ensure availability for your brand?

Data is processed by DART daily to assess availability issues in stores across the UK. This data is analysed before being sent to our activation teams. The analysed data shows which products need attention and in which stores.

By pinpointing the highest value opportunities, DART allows our merchandising teams to become more dynamic and flexible in their coverage patterns. On a day-by-day basis our teams will be able to target the lowest performing stores, in line with your brands strategic priorities for the festive season.

Armed with DART, our teams could actually bring your costs down while achieving more sales for your brand. Through using the DART app, our agile teams know exactly when, where and what to focus on, which saves time in-store, eliminates wasted visits, and helps brands quickly sell more during the festive period.

With the fastest turn around in the industry, your products will be represented at the forefront of store shelves from Halloween right the way through into the New Year. This ease of access and strong merchandising could be the difference between maximising sales and also converting consumers into lifetime customers.

Contact us now…

With mults across the UK, such as Morrisons and Tesco, cutting down on in store staff on the lead up to the festive period, do not leave your stock availability to chance. Check our full terms and conditions and get in contact with us to benefit from our 5% off early bird discount on activation services.

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