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Spanning the entire Sales Environment from Head Office to Consumer

McCurrach is a name you might recognise in UK and Ireland for field sales, but did you know we do more than just field sales…?

From head office, to field, to consumer

One thing that you may not know about us is that we have three core brands who span the entire sales environment - from head office, to field, to consumer.

As a group, our expertise starts at the retailer or brand head office with our Sellex brand where sales consultancy, category strategy and training packages are on the menu. While at field level our McCurrach core brand are experts in activation and execution at the point of purchase, as well as turning retail staff into brand advocates who will continue to promote your product(s) over competitor brands long after we’ve left the store. And finally, at consumer level is where our Wave brand comes to life, creating, running and managing brilliant brand experience campaigns that deliver exciting and memorable brand events that are built to stick, and ultimately drive advocacy and sales amongst end consumers.

Let’s talk about Wave

Wave launched in July 2017, and although they might still be seen as a relatively young brand, they have already worked with some of the biggest bands in the world and have bags of experience in the creative and experiential marketing space which is quickly earning them a reputation as disruptors in the UK and Ireland experiential scene. In fact, their credentials in - and relationships with - retailers in particular makes them a force to be reckoned with. 

Wave were born out of an idea that experiential marketing needs to be more than a nice-looking campaign. They’re all about the “so what”. So what if your campaign looks nice – what does it achieve? Don’t get us wrong, they’re great at making campaigns look amazing but they’re experts in making sure they deliver bang for your buck – whether that’s engagement, insight or sales numbers.   

How do they Wave?

Wave core services centre around telling stories and creating experiences that are built to stick and they do this through their in-depth knowledge in the experiential environment and match making perfect people to campaigns, which all contribute towards adding value to their client’s bottom line.

They’re set up to run campaigns from start to finish, and are experts in concept and creative, retail experiences, sampling & events, sourcing and training your perfect fit brand ambassadors, staffing, digital marketing and mystery shop.

Learn more

Our next campaign series focuses on our experiential brand, Wave where we’ll introduce you to their services from concept creation to campaign launch and management, right through to measuring the success of brand campaigns. We’ll show you what’s happening in the marketplace right now, and specifically in retail, exactly where Wave can make the tangible and measurable difference for your brand. Stay tuned for our Wave series which kicks off later in the week.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss any of this in more detail.