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Is externally measured ROI critical to successful client partnerships?

Author: Rachel Laiolo

In a grocery-multiple-retail-environment where costs are rising, turnover per store is falling, and execution is getting worse, the drive for efficiency and field sales ROI continues to rise. For field sales agencies and clients, an ROI measurement that is accurate, provides strategic direction, and helps drives operational performance is more critical than ever before. They key question is how best to do that.

In this series, we’ve explored the power of agency partnerships and collaboration which can unlock more value for clients. When it comes to ROI evaluation, we believe that collaboration with expert agencies is significantly important because external measurement delivers an unbiased view of performance and strategy. Leaning on external expertise can also provide the most accurate view of value and return possible.

It’s common in the field marketing industry for agencies to measure ROI themselves, however, in that situation the industry is using non-experts to make big decisions in data science. Combined with the fact that agencies have a high level of product bias, they are predisposed to look for the most positive results in the data.

At McCurrach, we collaborate with Retail Alchemy to ensure an unbiased ROI measure in the grocery multiples and technology sectors. Their econometrics-based approach delivers the most accurate depiction we’ve seen and the richness of data drives performance and strategy with our clients.

McCurrach Strategy and Marketing Director, Gordon Neil, comments:

“We’ve worked with Rhys and the Retail Alchemy team for 3 years, unlocking significant client value and efficiency in that time. It’s a great relationship for us because both we and our clients benefit from an accurate and insight rich ROI measurement, which enables us to sell more and be efficient, delivering on our core purpose.  

Rhys has worked closely with us to ensure that complex data science is turned into actionable insight for our client and sales teams, which is invaluable. The relationship works because we have mutual respect for each other’s expertise and leverage that to work towards the common goal of selling more in the most efficient way possible.”

Retail Alchemy Owner, Rhys Jones, comments:

“Our relationship with McCurrach is unique in the fact that they’ve completely adopted our approach to ROI evaluation and they’ve brought us into the room to present directly to clients. Nothing is kept behind closed doors with McCurrach and we love the openness of their approach. They see us as truly value adding to their business. In an industry that’s often skeptical of external measurement, that’s refreshing.”

If you’d like to know more about possible partnership opportunities with McCurrach, get in touch with us at enquiries@mccurrach.co.uk.

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