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Now is the time to drive sales growth through digital connectivity between retailer and brand

Author: Gordon Neil

Technology adoption amongst convenience retailers is growing exponentially; our app MyStore+ is helping retailers and brands connect in a new way that allows both to be budget and time conscious. In this blog, McCurrach Strategy and Marketing director, Gordon Neil,looks at why it’s a win:win equation for everyone and why brands should invest now.

In a recent blog we explored the rising adoption of tech amongst convenience retailers and how it’s driving growth in the market. The appetite for wholesaler apps is evident when we look at basket sizes: app baskets are 18% larger both in terms of items and spend vs web orders (£1,336 vs £1,132). Of those retailers whose primary route to market is delivered, 98% of them say their main method for ordering is online vs telephone. This figure was just 24% in 2008.

We launched MyStore+ in partnership with News UK to help brands and retailers connect and grow their business together via a digital platform. Four months on from launch, MyStore+ is performing ahead of our own targets and expectations, demonstrating that digital connectivity is the future of engagement in convenience.

The last 4 months has helped us learn a lot about why MyStore+ is proving to be a game changer and what makes it different from its competitors. We were clear from the outset that if digital connectivity between retailer and brand is going to work we can’t be the only voice in the market. We firmly believe that there’s room, and a need, for 3 – 4 solutions. It’s a great way for retailers to access different opinions and rewards and it provides brands, within the same category, with options and an opportunity to get involved. 

We’ve learned that MyStore+ is a game changer in the market, particularly because the app revolves around retailers being able to choose when and where they want to engage. Our field teams work hard to ensure that they’re maximising contact points with the Key Decision Maker (KDM), however, with MyStore+ the KDM can connect when they want, as frequently as they want. We’ve seen a huge spike in retailers opting in for push notifications as a reminder to access the app regularly due to the strength of the content and offers which assures us that our approach is working.

In terms of standout qualities, we’ve narrowed down three key attributes of MyStore+ which are unique in the current market:

  • Our partnership with News UK enables us to engage retailers face to face, and through other platforms, on a frequent basis. This is a huge advantage in keeping retailers engaged with the MyStore+ app. It’s also ensured the app’s constant growth and that we continue to add new retailers at pace.
  • We’re benefiting from our decision to consult retailers during the app’s design phase last year.  Doing so has delivered a solution that has the retailer at the heart of it, making it simple for them to engage, take action and communicate.
  • Our controls are strong, whether that’s ensuring new retailers signing up are real and engaged, or ensuring reward redemptions are valid.

We also have an attractive commercial proposition:

For brands that come on board as a category sponsor now, we have entry level offers where the costs can be fixed for 2 years, irrespective of the growth in retail members. For offers, there is no charge to brands for posting offers and rewards, the only cost is when retailers redeem their rewards i.e. brands only pay for success. We are confident this makes MyStore+ the most competitive app on the market.

We asked Neil Spencer, Retail Sales Director at News UK, for his view:

“In the Retail Team at News UK, we’re focused on how we can help retailers build their business. MyStore+ is a great way for retailers and brands to connect and grow their business through providing retailers with a free to access platform which they can get advice and offers from brands. This will ultimately help them grow. We partnered with McCurrach because we have a shared vision for MyStore+ and we recognised that our combined capability creates an opportunity to unlock growth for more retailers and brands at pace. The number of retailers using MyStore+ is rising rapidly and it’s great to see brands like Unilever adopting it, to provide advice and rewards in key categories like Ice Cream. We’re excited about where we’re going with MyStore+. It’s delivering exactly what retailers and brands need to grow.”

If you’d like to find out more about how MyStore+ can help you, please get in contact.

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